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Hello there, friend!

Welcome to Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen, and I am Gordan, the proud owner of this awesome website. I spent a lot of time at my home kitchen cooking for my family throughout these 7.5 years. While I wouldn’t say, I am as qualified as Jamie Oliver (well, my children thinks I'm the best cook, though) but I do know my way around the kitchen pretty well. So I would like to use this blog as the place for me to share my tips and guides about my culinary journey with you.

Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen was established in 2016 with one simple goal in mind - ‘To provide and share simple and yet helpful kitchen and cooking tips and guides.' Here you can find many different topics like from ‘how to cook’ to ‘how to prepare’ to ‘what to use’ to ‘the best of’ and so much more. Don’t think I can ever finish listing all of them or if I ever did, and it will take you weeks to finish reading them. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

However, I wanted Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen to be different, and I have made a commitment to help busy people enjoy cooking and to be inspired in the kitchen. Also, I get fed up of looking at some food blogs out there showing all the beautiful food/kitchen images but never to provide substantial information as of how you can get there. Worst still, some of them end up with a sales pitch and trying to get you buy something because those sites are an affiliate to the sponsors.

So here I am. Trying my best to help you remove your frustration in the kitchen through easy tips and reviews of popular kitchen products, cut to the chase, and give you all the answer to your questions you have about kitchen and food. I even have my tagline: “Where the real kitchen conversations start here.”

Who am I?

I am Gordan Ladd. I am currently living in San Francisco with my wife and two beautiful children, and I love to cook for them. I use to work as a pastry chef until my first daughter was born. When my wife needs to head back to work after her maternity leave, we discussed, and I agreed to quit my job and become a full-time daddy.

​Some might say that I sacrifice a lot since I love my job but I have to disagree. Though I like what I was doing but being a father and having the chance to accompany my daughter and seeing her growing up is what make me happy. Knowing that I play a part in seeing her grow up is what make me proud as a dad too. Oh, before this I use to taking care a guinea pig. We call her chestnut, and she always shed hair :-/

​From the day I started to take care of my daughter I also picked up a new skill in cooking afterward. Although it was not my intention initially but somehow I fall in love with cooking and find myself quite passionate with this new found skill. So, over the years I’ve learned and acquired quite a lot of tricks and tips about cooking and food hacks which I think that it can be extremely helpful for many people.

​Just like swimming and bicycling, cooking, in my opinion, is an important skill that everybody should have. Being able to cook a healthy meal easily and let your families enjoy it is a great achievement. Also, not forgetting that a healthy meal also can give a healthy life for everyone at home.

​So, what is the purpose of this blog?

I only have one goal: to deliver the best kitchen and food guides, tips, advice, hacks and anything in between that can help your culinary journey less bumpy than the usual. I aim to make Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen to be the best resource for everyone searching for anything and everything related to cooking and food and everything about culinary under the sun. Yes, I know it’s a long shot, but with your help, I am confident that we can do it!

​What makes Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen unique?

I am happy that you ask.

​While there are a many food and kitchen related blogs out there but I have read many of them. I couldn’t say they are not good, but in my opinion, they could have done it better. Here are what I think for majority of them:

​Not providing values

Through my browsing, I found that many food and kitchen related blogs scrimp on the detail and information provided either not clear or subpar. Many talks about products reviews just because they are an affiliate to the sponsors.

​While there is nothing bad about promoting a product from the sponsor if they are excellent but I ever come over a few blogs promoting sponsors products without giving in proper research.

​The whole blog is a billboard setup

While exploring other food and culinary blogs I noticed that their sites were cluttered with ads. This can be annoying, and it can be impossible to browse the website without an ad blocker.

​What annoyed me the most is when a website had pop-up blocking the whole site and force you to sign up their newsletter before allow you to continue browsing. This is just sad 🙁

Only promote the greatest. Or never.

While I cannot say that this website will not have a single ad or promote affiliate products but I will only do when I can confidently confirm that the products are splendid and top quality. All content published are carefully curated and making sure they are providing values to our readers.

Although this site does monetize through purchases made by users result from clicking some affiliate links (i.e, Amazon) but I promise that there will not be any intrusive kind of ads suddenly pop-up in front of you like the others.

​In short, I will try my best to make the kind of site that I would have found useful when I was searching for the best kitchen guide.

Would you like to contribute?

I always believe that Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen’s blog can only be as valuable as my readers think it should be.

​As a reader, you help shape this blog into an amazing resource. Get involved and comment if any post has failed to provide any value. Let me know if you have any story, guide, tip or anything great that you want to share with the community. I will cover them on my write up. Or if you like to write, you are welcome to contribute to the blog.

​With your help and nurturing, this blog will grow and become valuable resources for all readers. Let’s make this happen, and I am confident that with your help this blog will be awesome for everyone!

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If you're a company wishing to promote your product, you are always welcome to collaborate with me. I'm open to working with you to facilitate a hands-on review. Please drop me an email at contact section.

Want To Write For The Site?

Occasionally I do work with other bloggers for a guest post. If you like to contribute, feel free to contact me and we will work out something nice for our readers. Not all contributions will be accepted, though, but I will do my best to make thing happen for us.

Finally, don’t be a stranger

Well, don’t be shy there. If you have spent your time to read until this far, I’m pretty sure we can be friend. How about drop me an email and say hi. Or make a comment below so I know who is stopping by. I hope you will enjoy your visit to Gordan Ladd’s Kitchen and find what you are looking for.

​Wishing you all a good day ahead and stay awesome! Talk to you in the kitchen soon!

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