Does Condensed Milk Go Bad? (Shelf Life, Storage and More)


Condensed milk is cow’s milk that has its water removed turning it into a thick syrupy liquid and very sweet in flavor. You might have one lying in your pantry and could probably be wondering if it is still good. In this article, we will discuss the topic like “ does condensed milk go bad?”, how to store it to increase its shelf life and more.

How Long Does Condensed Milk Last?


Condensed milk can last for quite a long time due to the heating process which eliminates all bacteria from the milk before packaging. That process will also bring out the milk’s natural sugars to help as a preservative to keep the condensed milk fresh.

Usually, condensed milk can still be used after its expiration date by a few months or even up to a year, but after that, it is wise just to throw the can of condensed milk away.

The reason, why you want to discard the can of condensed milk after too long, is that the milk can absorb the aluminum taste from the can it is contained in. This will cause changes in the condensed milk’s flavor thus making it not suitable for baking, cooking or consumption.

However, you will still need to open the can and test the flavor yourself to find out if it is okay or not to use. But if you are health conscious, it’s always better to trash away expired condensed milk.

How Long Does Condensed Milk Go Bad After Open?

If you have opened the can of condensed milk and did not finish using it, you can store it in the refrigerator but be sure to use it up within 3 days and throw it away after that. Otherwise, the condensed milk will turn sour, and the texture will coagulate.

If you wish to extend the shelf life of the condensed milk that has been opened, you may keep it in a glass jar and seal it tightly before storing it in the fridge. That will give your condensed milk an extra month before it probably goes bad.

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How to Tell If Condensed Milk Has Gone Bad


As we have mentioned above, condensed milk can last for a long time even after its expiry date by a year, but just like all types of milk be it dairy milk or plant milk such as soy or almond milk, the condensed milk will eventually go bad.

The question here is how do you tell or what are the signs that tell you that your condensed milk is spoilt?

Color of the condensed milk

Good condensed milk has a light cream color, but as time passes by, the color will become darker and turn yellowish, even if it is unopened after a few years. According to some, the change of color does not necessarily mean that the condensed milk is bad. But it is one of the signs that tells you that your condensed milk is starting to go bad.

Texture of the milk

Apart from the color, another indicator which could tell you that your condensed milk is bad or not is the texture. Good condensed milk has a thick syrupy and viscous texture, but if it starts to curdle and you see lumps in the condensed milk, it means that your condensed milk is spoilt and you can immediately discard it.

Taste of the milk

The last indicator to look for in your condensed milk if you want to determine if it has gone bad is nothing other than the taste. Condensed milk isn’t fresh milk, and it won’t have a fresh taste, but it should be sweet, and some brands will have a slight saltiness to even out the sweetness.

If your condensed milk has a sour and unpleasant taste, it just means that it is spoilt and of course you should throw it away and not use it to avoid the possibility of getting sick from consuming bad condensed milk.

Different brands of condensed milk have slightly different taste, and you may want to check out the taste test of different brands to find out the difference.

Condensed Milk Does Go Bad


So again, does condensed milk go bad? Of course, it does! Just like any other milk, condensed milk will eventually spoil but it does have a longer shelf life compared to the others, and if stored properly, you might even extend it for a longer period.

Also remember that if you have leftover condensed milk, do not keep the opened can in the fridge as odors from other food in the refrigerator can contaminate and affect the taste of the condensed milk. Pour the leftover condensed milk into a glass jar and seal it before putting it in the fridge.

Finally, if you come across a can of condensed milk that is rusty, dented or leaking, don’t even think about opening the can to test the condensed milk. The safe choice is just to throw it away!

And if you fancy about making yourself some homemade condensed milk, here is a short video for the recipe:​

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