Staub vs Le Creuset: What is the Difference Between These Two Dutch Ovens?


Remember the last time you were standing in a mall at the kitchen products department and wondering what the differences between the two companies of Dutch ovens of Staub vs Le Creuset are? In this post we will see the different between these 2 companies.

A Little Bit of the History


Le Creuset

Le Creuset was found in Fresnoy-le-Grand of France in 1952, began producing its first porcelain enameled cast iron pots which continue to provide better quality and now known as one of the world great cast iron pans.

It has been many years since Le Creuset cast iron pots were produced, it has also expanded the types of products since 1952. But Le Creuset never changes one thing that is, the manufacture of Le Creuset’s cast iron.

​What makes Le Creuset cookware so unique is that they are all using hand-crafted techniques and the process of casting and forging. I am sure you are aware of its heritage looking which is also the characteristic of the design.

​The first cast iron cookware- Cocotte/French Oven that was produced by Le Creuset is still the most popular cookware until today, with its unique bright retro volcanic orange-ish color which made it the Le Creuset Company’s trademark today.


As for Staub, its journey began in Alsace region of France in 1974. The reason for the Staub pot invention was due to Alsatians were renowned for their hearty one-pot recipes as well as their beautiful enameled ceramics.

The founder, Francis Staub, designed his very first enameled pot, merging cast iron’s utility back in 1974. And the success of Staub’s enameled cast iron cookware today has become the benchmark and is the reference brand for quite some of the world famous chefs!

Staub vs Le Creuset


Le Creuset

Le Creuset today have produced many varieties of cookware which serve different purposes. From cast iron pots, stoneware, silicone kitchenware, toughened non-stick (TNS), stainless steel to accessories for cookware and wine.

​As mentioned earlier, the enameled cast iron pots by Le Creuset are unique due to its individually hand-crafted technique, and they have been the benchmarked for many years.

​Le Creuset is not only prized for its style and quality but also the performances that are all-time reliable whether on the stovetop or in the oven. The cast iron material is an ideal for stylish preparation as the additional portions will be kept warm until it is ready to serve.

Why Choose Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron?

Other than its stylish design, the enameled cast iron aims to spread heat evenly and cooked the food to its perfection! I urge that you should check out the products of Le Creuset to know the thickness of the whole pot and the heavyweight lid which helped the steam to be kept and trap the condensation inside, giving you the best original flavor and nutrients from the ingredients!

​To find out more about other products by Le Creuset, check out their link.


Staub also produced many other types of cookware other than their world famous enameled iron cast pots. For example, variety cocotte, Coq au vin, grills, and pans.

​The interior of all the Staub pots is enameled iron cast with a matte black finish touched. With its high-quality enameled iron cast which offers improved resistance to scratching and thermal shocks. The Staub pots are ideal properties for roasting, searing and caramelizing foods to the perfection. Similar to Le Creuset, the heat inside the pot would spread evenly.

Why Choose Staub?

Because famous chef chooses Staub!

Check out the video below where Michelin-starred chef and owner of Aldea, George Mendes talked about his passion in culinary. In the video, Mendes mentioned and shared his inspiration as well as he spoke of the versatility and durability of Staub iron casted cookware are ideally suited for many culinary applications at his famous restaurant!

Well really, why? Staub is designed to help easy and quickly with your cooking. It is easy to clean and convenient to use! Moreover, the Staub cookware are cadmium free, lead-free, PFOA and PTFE free!

Top Picks Le Creuset and Staub

Le Creuset 7 ¼ Quart Enameled Cast Iron Pot


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While going through all the Staub vs Le Creuset cookware on the Amazon website. There is this another famous enameled cast iron cookware brand found - Lodge cookware. Lodge cookware has more customer reviews in comparison to the Staub vs Le Creuset cookware brands.

Lodge enameled cast iron 6 Quart Dutch Oven


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My opinion is that perhaps the Lodge cookware prices are far lower compared to both the Le Creuset and Staub. What do you reckon?

Care and Use


Le Creuset

The following recommendations for care and use are applying to all the Le Creuset enameled cast iron ranges, whether the cookware comes with the inner black cooking surfaces, light color or non-stick.

Before You Use

If you just bought a brand new Le Creuset enameled iron cast cookware, make sure you remove all the labels. Wash the cookware by using hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Then your brand new Le Creuset is ready to use!

Do Not

Although the Le Creuset enameled iron cast can sustain a very high heat, however, do not heat an empty pan or let the pots or pans to boil dry. These could cause permanent damage to the enamel and the quality of the cookware. Besides that, do not cut foods directly on the enameled or non-stick surface.

For Surface Protection

Moreover, when you are done with baking or cooking using the Le Creuset cast iron ranges, place the hot pots or pans on silicone mats, wooden boards or trivets. Remember, never put the boiling pot or pan directly on any unprotected surfaces. This could cause unwanted damages to the surfaces of both the table and the cookware itself.

Cleaning and Care

Before washing, always let it cool completely and only wash it with warm hot soapy water. Then rinse and dry thoroughly. Be careful not to accidentally dropped or knocked against any hard surface although the Le Creuset enameled cast iron is extremely durable, but it might still cause some potential damages.


The safety, use and care instructions are pretty similar to the Le Creuset. For more information, click here to read more about the instructions on how to take good care of your Staub enameled cast iron cookware.

The Decision Time

Now Staub vs Le Creuset. Time to make a decision if you should get Le Creuset or the Staub? The two brands are world famous, and both are high quality enameled cast iron cookware. I leave you to the decision making, but I would like to add - maybe you should get them both.

Happy shopping for your perfect Dutch oven!

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