The 8 Best Blender for Protein Shakes and Smoothies


After a hard gym workout, the best drink to help in quick post-workout recovery is the protein shakes. Making protein shakes should not be hard if you use one of the good blenders. But, which one is the best blender for protein shakes?

If you are in the market to buy a blender for protein shakes, you will quickly get overwhelmed with all the choices available. Should you choose the glass blender or the stainless steel one? In this quick buying guide, we will help you reach the buying decision easier. Read on to know what we prefer and why we choose it.

List of Best Blender for Protein Shakes

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Types of Blenders


While you can use any high-quality blender to make your protein shakes, it is vital to get yourself familiarized with different types of mixers available in the market. The 3 kind of mixers you will come across are:

Personal Blenders

These are great for making single serve shakes. Personal blenders comes with a cup and a lid which makes it easy to drink the shake on the go. Moreover, they won’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

Countertop Blenders

The big boys of the game, countertop blenders can let you mix all in and easily crush ice, spinach, nuts, oats, fruits, etc. So if you plan to include a large number of ingredients in your protein smoothie, this type is the best blender.

Immersion Blenders

If you are looking for the cheapest option, then hand blenders or immersion blenders as they are alternatively called are the best bet. These are the perfect blender for people who choose to make simple protein shakes.

What to Look for In a Protein Shake Blender?


When you are shopping around and looking to pick up the best blender for protein shakes, there are few important factors to keep in mind. You need to be sure of your requirements and assess what exactly you will be using the blender for.


If you are planning to use the blender to make simple smoothies or protein shakes, you can go with small, personal blender. These are lightweight blenders that are easy to use and clean. Moreover, they will take very little space in your kitchen.

However, if you are going to use the blender for making more than single servings of smoothies or shakes, you should opt for countertop blenders as it would make more sense.

Motor power

Different blenders come with different motor size. While the best personal mixers start at 200 watts, they can go all the way up to 1200 watts.

Here you need to assess what kind of protein shakes and smoothies are you looking forward to make? Pick up a large motor or small motor blender based on your requirements.


If you believe that buying accessories is important, you are mistaken. Any additional part of the blender that will never be used will end up taking unnecessary space in your kitchen.

However, make sure to pick up all the required accessories that will help you in making the protein shake like the additional cups and lids so you can make a few extra shakes and keep it for another day.

Ice Crushing Ability

If you prefer your smoothies or shakes chilled, then getting a blender that can easily crush ice or frozen ingredients is essential.

Usually, the cheaper blenders are not efficient at blending frozen ingredient as the blade and motor are not powerful enough to cut through frozen ingredients and ice.

Top 3 Best Blender for Protein Shakes Reviews

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Breville offers blending control and convenience with this uniquely designed immersion blender. The control grip immersion blender has an innovative design which makes it easy to operate.

The blender and stainless steel blade are also known for its ice crushing abilities and versatility.

This blender comes with two main pieces – an 8-inch blending stick and the bell-shaped base. The mixer is powered by a 280-watt motor which makes the blending job easier.

Also, the 15 adjustable speeds give blending flexibility and come with easy trigger control operation. The level of speed control also helps in decreasing splatter.

Along with the blending shaft, you can also get your hands on the whisk, blending jug and chopping bowl. All the units are dishwasher safe, which makes it is easy to clean. Moreover, the motor handle can easily be cleaned with a damp sponge

What we like about it...

  • The bell-shaped design minimizes suction and splatter to achieve greater consistency
  • Ergonomic design increases control and stability while reducing hand strain
  • Consists of powerful 280-watt motor base and stainless steel ice crushing blades

What we don't like...

  • No locking mechanism to seal in the liquid on the chopping bowl


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NCS Grade*


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Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

The Nutri Ninja Blender is one of the most popular personal blenders. It has 900 watts motor and comes with a 24-ounce jar capacity. Moreover, it is priced just under $100.

The benders blades are designed to pulverize ice, vegetables, whole fruits, seeds, oats and much more. With the press of a button, you can quickly start blending.

The Nutria Ninja 900 watts blender has enough power to give you a well-blended protein shake and smoothies of any kind.

Moreover, with the convenient design, you can enjoy your protein shake even on the go. The BPA-free protein shake blender bottle comes with a sealed lid and can be easily carried along to the gym.

So, the next time, you want to make a shake, there’s no need to make it in a blender and pour into a cup to drink it. You can conveniently do everything in the same blending cup.

What we like about it...

  • It is an easy to use blender
  • 900 watts motor gives smooth and well-blended protein shakes and smoothies
  • Can easily blend the dry and wet ingredients
  • Affordably priced

What we don't like...

  • You need to hold down the jar during blending
  • Gasket is not easily removed from the blade base for cleaning


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

The Jamba Quiet Blender has been constructed in conjunction with Hamilton Beach. It is one of the best blenders for protein shakes as it comes with 1200 watt motor. It can easily pulverize ice, vegetable, and tough food to give you a smooth shake or smoothies.

While most blenders are loud when dealing with ice, Jamba Blender excels here. It comes with a quiet shield that makes it one of the quietest blenders available in the market. This is an excellent blender overall and one of the best for making protein shakes.

The drive mechanism of this blender is made from steel and will last for a long time. It easily blends, pulverizes and mixes everything.

However, do take note that if you are using the single serve cup option and not following the instructions on the order of ingredients, the chances are that some of the ingredients won’t mix up completely. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions.

What we like about it...

  • Easily handles ice and tough ingredients
  • Comes with quiet shield for quieter operation
  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • It comes with a 5-year limited warranty
  • The 1200 watt motor can easily make good qualities smoothies and shakes

What we don't like...

  • The maximum capacity of the pitcher is 32 ounce which is not enough to make smoothies for a large group


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best blender for protein shakes for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that BrevilleSharkNinja and Jamba Appliances are the best blender for protein shakes brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion BlenderNutri Ninja Pro Blender and Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these blender for protein shakes a good buy too.

Pros of Protein Shakes Blenders


While you will find some high-end units in the market, you can always get your hands on economically priced blenders. You can easily shop online for some of the best protein blenders for workout shakes at a reasonable price.

Check out our list above for some of the best blender for protein shakes which are good quality and priced reasonable according to their quality. Also, watch out for any discount too!


When working out to build muscles, your daily intake of protein should be 1 gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight. This is when a protein supplement can help add to your daily protein intake.

To make a protein shake, just add few scoops of protein powder, ice cube and milk in your blender and switch the power on. This is one of the easiest ways to make a shake in a jiffy at the convenience of your home. Check out some quick and easy protein shake recipe, here.


Protein blenders give you a chance to quickly whip up a protein shake with an endless number of ingredients. So, whether you fancy vegan protein shakes, fruit plus protein powder smoothie or the original protein shake, you can easily make it without much effort with a blender.

Cons of Protein Shakes Blenders

Underpowered Motors

This applies to cheap blenders that having underpowered motors. Protein blenders that come with a weak motor cannot blend thick ingredients. Therefore, it is always better to spend a few bucks for high power machine if you want to mix ice or other hard ingredients properly.

Misleading Ad

There are companies selling outrageously priced equipment which do the same work as moderately priced machines. Such companies can be misleading with their advertisement that their shake creates smoother shakes and smoothies, but that is just marketing talks.

Always read up the review left by previous buyers to determine the authenticity of the company claims.

However, you can rest assure that all the blenders that featured in this post have gone through our rigid vetting process to determine that these machines are of high quality, got a lot of positive reviews and has high buyer satisfaction.


In some cases, trainees want to achieve a lean body and thus end up overusing the blender. Apart from protein shakes, they depend on different types of liquid food and skip actual meals.

While blenders offer a great way to enjoy liquid diet, the necessity of solid food like meat, fish, veggies and other food should never be overlooked. In another word, we should always take thing moderately and never overexert it.

Why Is Protein Shakes So Essential?

Protein is the building block of the body which breaks down to fuel the muscles. Even if you are not a regular gym person, a protein supplement in your diet can make a lot of difference. Here are a few good reasons why protein is important to us:

  • Protein supplements help prevent muscle loss
  • It helps in maintaining a nitrogen balance which prevents loss of lean body tissue
  • It can aid in quick post-workout recovery
  • Whey protein can make bones stronger
  • It boosts immunity system
  • Whey protein keeps you full longer and helps in your weight loss efforts
  • Protein supplements help in wound recovery

Without adequate protein in our body, different structures that make up cell, organ or tissue cannot be put together. Also, muscles won’t be able to heal and thus overtraining can lead to injuries. Thus, the importance of protein shakes after a gym workout.

Also, check out this website for a wide verity of protein shake blender recipes. They have all sort of recipes from fruit to vegan and they even have some special recipes like the peanut butter protein shake recipe as well.


When looking for the best mixer for protein powder shake, you can choose any of the above-listed choices. All of them are perfect for blending simple to complex protein shakes in a jiffy.

The Nutri Ninja Pro is the top pick among the other best blender for protein shakes. So, whether you have just finished your cardio workout or done a few push-ups, enjoy a proper made protein shakes with this top blender.

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