Transform Your Kitchen With These Best Gas Stove Brands


In this post, we will be sharing the best gas stove brands with you. Read on and find out more about the difference between the gas and other ranges, and know what the brands that you could consider purchased for your kitchen.

Different Type of Kitchen Stove


There are varieties of stove brands that you can choose to fit your perfect kitchen. You can make a choice between 3 types such as gas, electric and induction.

Of course, each type of these stoves would have its benefits and shortfalls. However, the power source in your kitchen may restrict your option. For example, if a gas range is what you previously owned, the significant construction of gas lines is a must and needed to run a gas range.

If you want to change from gas range to either electric or induction, challenging and expensive renovations are necessary to perform unless you are starting from scratch.

Therefore, choose wisely of the choice of range you would want to fit into your kitchen for a long haul. However, there is no clear advantage or disadvantage for each type of stove but rather the preference for one over the other.

What is the Difference?


Gas Range

Gas ranges create flames and blistering heat which would heat almost any shape of pans, including woks that are beveled and round bottoms.

The flames are usually formed in shape of a ring. Also, you can see gaps in the center that are often produce less heat.

​Many professional cooks prefer gas stove range because it provides a visual indicator of what is happening of the heat below the pan!

​So, if you are the person that often cook, you will understand that the gas range is the most preferred range when comes into comparison with the induction or electric.

Electric Range

Electric ranges with glass tops would be harder to maintain as it could be easily scratched by cast iron skillets. However, the extra counter space on the flat surface can serve a useful purpose in a nutshell. Besides that, most spills are easy to clean up if you scorch food on the burner ring.

The electric ranges provide heat evenly at the bottom of your pans; there are heat options for your cooking as well. But the heating from the electric stove is often slow to heat up the pan, and it would not heat up as hot as the gas’.

Induction Range

Induction ranges are more expensive compared to the gas and the electric stove. The induction ranges look similar to the electric ranges, but it is safer, particularly suitable for beginner cooks.

Spillage is usually even easier to clean compare to the electric ranges because food does not cook on an empty element.

The surface is cool to touch once the pan is removed from the cooking ring, but you are limited to only magnetic pots and pans cookware for the induction ranges stove. Cookware that is induction-friendly usually will have a logo imprint at the bottom of the pot and pans indication for induction use.

Serious Cooks Go for Gas Ranges

Yup, most of the serious cooks would buy gas ranges stove.

The bright side of using the gas ranges is that you can still use it when the electricity is out. Furthermore, you have quick access to the heat flame for other purposes such as roast foods directly over the fire. But before you opt for a gas range, there are few considerations to make.

Determining the Size

When come to selecting a suitable rated gas ranges, we looked for extra features (that would be a bonus if there is any), a combination of cooktop and oven. The best gas stovetops come in many different sizes, often the 36-inch and 32-inch gas stovetops.

To choose the right size of the stovetop for your kitchen between the two common sizes, it is recommended that you measure the largest pot size of yours so you can see how it fits having a few largest pots on several burners on the stovetop.

Easy Stovetop Configurations and Efficiency

Most of the gas stovetops are using electrical ignition with no pilot light, but newer models these days have closed burners to prevent foods from falling below the burner and the surface of the cooktop.

​However, the cast iron grate surface is often cover the whole cooktop; this would allow moving pans across the stovetop more efficiently without awkwardly lifting it.

​Many gas stove brands today have dishwasher-safe grates to make convenient for many modern cooks with hustle bustle lifestyle.

​Moreover, the gas ranges stovetop should have dedicated burners for its one most demanding task, that is, to quickly boil a pot of water and deliver enough even heat for searing and frying purposes.


Clean-up is also one-of-the-must take in consideration before you purchase a gas ranges stovetop. Unfortunately, the most modern gas stovetops today are still not as easy to clean and maintain compared to the electric and induction ranges.

​A sealed burner will be easy to clean, and the bonus for the recessed pan which helps keep any liquid spill in place. However, the gas stovetops manufacturers still continue to improve the design and usability.

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Famous Gas Stove Brands


Thermador is the very first manufacturer of cooktops and ovens and has been in gas stovetops innovation for decades.

Thermador gas cooktop is the first smooth cooktops with warming drawers and high power burners. The design of the Thermador stovetop is stylish, and it fits perfectly for every modern kitchen these days.

Click on the link to check out more features of the Thermador gas stove brand.


The Borsch Company has innovated gas stovetops with an excellent array of burners that have an average output of almost 12,000 British Thermal Unit (Btu). Borsch gas stoves are all quickly clean-up because of its modern, sleek designs.

​With the famous Borsch brand and couple with these excellent features, it has made Borsch as one of the best gas cooktops to purchase for your kitchen. Click here to see a broad range of Borsch gas cooktop.


KitchenAid is another gas stove brand that designs the built-in combination of stovetops and oven for modern kitchen these days. If you are looking for the best gas cooktop brand, KitchenAid definitely can be a serious contender among other brands. Click here to find out more about their gas stove products.


LG gas ranges stovetops and ovens boast innovative technology for professional chef-worthy performances at all times. With the stylish, clean line designs, LG stovetops worth to be considered if you are considering getting a gas range stovetop for your kitchen.

More Gas Stove Brands and Prices

Things to Consider Before Installation


Before you install a gas stovetop, you have to bear in mind that there are other things to take into account. To install gas stovetops, need ventilation, the design of the kitchen cabinet to fit in the ventilation would have to allow for one or two ventilation methods - a downdraft or hood vent.

​Downdraft ventilation is built into the stovetop, and the air is drawing from the surface down via the vent system and ducting below. On the other hand, a vent hood is a classic ventilation design, and this allows more air movement to prevent excessive smoke and smell to trap inside the kitchen.

You should always seek advice from a licensed professional before you decide to install any ranges of the stovetop. You need to consider other things like the kitchen cabinet design to account for the depth of the stovetop to fit both the ventilation and the gas stovetop.

Choices Are Yours

Now that you understand a little bit more about the gas stovetop and wondering what is the best gas stove brand to get? I would suggest to go through all of the brands you are interested at and do some research.

However, the best is to always walk-in to any home appliances store and seek for direct feedback. The professional sales assistant will be able to recommend the best gas stove brands and stovetop that is suitable for your kitchen layout and design.

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