The Secret Of Movie Theater Popcorn Machine Recipe Finally Reviewed!


What is the best thing about going to a movie with your friends or family? Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, the smell of freshly made popcorn coming out of the vending machine is why I usually go to watch a movie. Jokes apart, but I love the popcorn made by the movie theater popcorn machine. Are you curious to know more about movie theater popcorn machine recipe?

Don’t worry as today you can easily get to know more about how popcorn is made in the movie theater popcorn machine and which ingredient gives them a distinct flavor.

Although popcorn might lean more to the unhealthy side of snack but there are some natural and organic options out there that make this snack so much less evil to your health. So, are you looking to make movie theater popcorn with popcorn machine? Read on the article as we are sharing the best movie theater popcorn machine recipe with you today!

Popcorn is a delicious and can be quite a healthy snack if not taken moderately. If you pop the kernels in an air fryer, microwave, popcorn maker or on the stove, you can enjoy a whopping 2 cups of popcorn without consuming more than 100 calories. If you think about it, in just 100 calories, you are enjoying an amazing dose of vitamins, whole grains, and minerals and satisfying your hunger in a delicious manner.

How To Make Butter Popcorn In Microwave?


If you are planning to air pop the kernels in the microwave, you just need popcorn, butter, and a small brown paper bag. Put in the popcorn in the bag, pour in some butter, salt, and fold the top twice to secure it. Microwave the bag on high for 2 to 3 minutes or until you stop hearing the popping of the kernels. Isn’t it an easy way to enjoy a bag full of delicious popcorn?

While this is an easy way to enjoy homemade popcorn, it cannot beat the movie theater popcorn as they are amazingly delicious as they come mixed with interesting spices and more. The popcorn is salty, buttery and leaves you asking for more. Sometimes, you may try pouring butter over the popcorn but you cannot get the same taste. Don’t lose your heart as you will soon get to know the best movie theater popcorn machine recipe.

Flavacol – The delicious popcorn flavoring

Do you know there’s a secret ingredient that really makes the theater popcorn delicious and tempting? Well, the answer is Flavacol and popcorn oil. Even if you have tried making popcorn theater-styled but were unsuccessful the first time, there’s always another time. You can purchase Flavacol on Amazon and it is an ingredient that attracts consumers rather than the theater attendants to eat more popcorn.

What is the Difference Between Artificial and Natural Flavors?

Advancement in technology has given us the freedom to control what we eat and how we eat it. It has allowed humans to create new or modify new food. Have you come across food products that contain artificial flavors? Do you often wonder how the artificial and natural flavor differs?

Natural Flavors

Natural flavor is often defined as the essential oil, essence or protein hydrolysate that contains flavoring often derived from vegetable juice, spices, plant material, fruit juice, edible yeast, dairy products, and herbs. The significant function of these products is to flavor the food rather than offering nutritional value.

Artificial Flavors

There are some products that are labeled with “Artificial flavoring label.” Artificial flavoring means unnatural and cheap imitation products. Now, are you thinking why do people still use these flavors in their food? The answer is simple, the synthetic chemical generally cost less and are potentially safer as they have been tested and used rigorously.

For instance; the compound vanillin exists both as natural flavor and artificial flavor. While processing and extracting vanillin from the orchid native to Mexico is a lengthy and expensive process, the synthetic version of vanillin is far easy to make and is a less expensive process.

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Movie Theater Popcorn Machine Recipe


To make movie theater popcorn need to start by collecting the ingredients.

Tips: Do you know that while making popcorn, movie theaters don’t use real butter, they use Flavacol which is considered as a secret ingredient? Flavacol consists of sodium, FD&C Yellow #5 Lake (E102), artificial butter flavor (ABF), Yellow #6 Lake (E110). While salt is the primary ingredient, Yellow #6 Lake (E110) and FD&C Yellow #5 Lake (E102) gives the popcorn an appealing bright yellow color.

Cooking steps:

1. The first step is to clarify the butter which is generally known as movie theater popcorn oil (butter flavored oil). If you are using ghee, skip the part and begin by melting the ghee. But for people who are not using ghee, they need to clarify the butter. Start by putting in a stick of butter in a measuring cup.

2. Microwave the butter on high for 30 to 40 seconds while stirring in between. The butter will be melted and foam.

3. The butter will separate the butter in three layers – top layer is the foam, second clarified butter, and the third layer is the milk solid. Don’t worry if you don’t find the layers to be super clean after taking it out of the microwave. As soon as the butter cools down, the layers will become clean. We are indulging in this step to get rid of water to keep the popcorn crunchy.

4. Next, take a spoon and skim off the foam from the top. Again, here no need to work with precision but try to remove as much as possible.

5. After removing the foam, you will be left with a clear layer of clarified butter. Set it aside.

6. Next, we will start the popping process. Start by placing a big pot on the fire with a lid. Don’t use a pot with the heavy base because you will need to shake the pot throughout the process.

7. Put the pan on high heat and in coconut oil.

8. After the oil melts completely, put in the kernels.

9. Shake the pot and make sure the popcorn gets a nice coating of oil.

10. Shake the pan after some time to mix up the kernels and keep them from burning.

11. You will soon start hearing the kernel pops. Now you will be more excited to see the action happen quickly.

12. Next, put the lid on while keeping a slight space to release the steam. If you don’t put up the lid, the popcorn will fly all over the kitchen.

13. You still need to shake the pot frequently. The cooked corns will come on the surface while the unpopped ones will stay at the bottom.

14. After a few minutes, the sound of popping will slow down. This is when you need to turn off the burner and let the popcorn sit for a few minutes.

15. Go on and grab the butter and slowly start to pour it into the popcorn. In the beginning, you will see nothing but bright yellow clarified butter.

16. At the end of the butter, you will see the third layer. Stop before you pour it into the popcorn. You can use the milk solids to make some other interesting dish.

17. Stir up the popcorn so that they get a touch of the delicious butter.

18. Sprinkle on the secret ingredient – flavacol and add some flavorings if you want.

19. Finally, start a movie, choose a cozy place and enjoy the delicious movie theater popcorn.

Tips: Serve the popcorn immediately while the kernels are warm and before they become soggy. However, popcorn can be stored in an airtight container for a day.

Best Kernels for Movie Style Popcorn


Popcorn used by movie theaters pop into large snowflake shapes which come from butterfly kernels. While you can get your hands on a variety of popcorn, white and yellow colors are prominent. You can easily get your hands on commercially used popcorn at a grocery store near you or buy at online.

So, if popcorn is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words – crunchy, hot, salty and buttery then make sure you try your hands at the best movie theater popcorn machine recipe, above. The aroma of freshly baked popcorn is hard to resist and the secret ingredient makes the recipe mouthwatering.

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