8 Best Insulated Cup for Cold Drinks (List of Cups That Keep Drinks Cold for Hours)


If you’re looking for the best insulated cup for cold drinks, then you’ve come to the right place. Just like you, we are in search of the best products out of all the different cups available in the market. In line with that, we’ve come up with some qualities to look for in these products so you get the most out of your money’s worth.

Choosing a cup that will work for you isn’t easy so we came up with a list of cups that keep drinks cold for hours. These products are based on great user reviews and their effective functionality in keeping the right temperature for your drinks. Read along to discover the different insulated cups you can choose from.

List of Best Insulated Cup For Cold Drinks

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The Top 3 Insulated Cup Reviews

Seriously Ice Cold Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Mug

This sleek and compact lemon-colored insulated mug is totally SIC (Seriously Ice Cold), pun intended. Their newest updated design can fit more into cup holders for more convenience when you travel. You can choose from three different cup sizes and many powder coated colors, enabling you to express your own personal style.

SIC offers a lifetime warranty for their products ensuring you that what you get is worth your money. It is made with food-grade 18/8 stainless steel that keeps your drinks chemical-free. Unlike other plastic mugs, this product is BPA-free and is made with the best and safest materials.

Lastly, since this product has so much to offer, it is constructed with a double wall to prevent temperature transfers to each other, preventing sweat and condensation. Overall, this is a great product and does its function well. That’s why it is one of the best insulated travel mugs in the market.


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Mixologist World Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Double Wall Cup

The 30oz Mixologist World Thermos Travel Mug is a wonderful innovation to the coffee cup. It offers an advanced way to keep your drinks cold while keeping the style and flawless design of a mug. This is not limited for your morning drink but you can also enjoy this in your everyday activities.

The body is made with a double wall of premium vacuum insulated stainless steel effectively keeping your drinks cold for longer hours without sweating. While the lid seals tightly, it’s also transparent so that you can take a peek at your drinks.

Many people are raving about this amazing travel mug. You can enjoy having your drink cold for longer hours. The round base is designed to fit most car cup holders so you can bring this tumbler anywhere with you. Lastly, it has an easy-grip durable handle which you can remove depending on your preference.


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MalloMe Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated 6-Piece Tumbler Set

At first look, the MalloMe 30oz tumbler cup already looks promising. Many people love this product because it can keep drinks cold for 24 hours so you can keep yourself properly hydrated. This is a 6-piece set that includes a cup, a leak-proof lid, a sliding lid, a tumbler handle, a stainless-steel straw, and a straw brush cleaner.

It has a double wall vacuum insulation which is effective in keeping drinks cold and preventing outer condensation. This can avoid having an uncomfortably wet tumbler that can slip from your hands or leave watermarks. The two different lids are each created for hot or cold drinks so you have more versatility.

Just like how other tumbler cups should be, this is made with premium 18/8 stainless steel which you can enjoy for lifetime. The strong material helps keep your cup intact and avoid dents or cracks. Overall, this is the best cup to keep drinks cold which many people find useful.


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Our Pick


We go through hundreds of products listing at Amazon and also study the ratings left by previous buyers to find the best insulated cup for cold drinks for you. Besides that, we also calculate the overall net customer satisfaction (NCS) grade because we want to see how happy is the previous buyers with their purchase of the product.

From our finding, we can say that Seriously Ice ColdMixologist World and MalloMe are the best insulated cup for cold drinks brands. These brands are popular and received many excellent ratings for their products.

Also, the Seriously Ice Cold Mug, Mixologist World Double Wall Cup and MalloMe Stainless Steels Tumbler Set score favorably for the ratings as well as the NCS grade compare to the rest. We believe that you would find these insulated cups a good buy too.

Qualities Of The Best Insulated Tumbler Cups

In picking out the best insulated tumbler cups, here are some of the qualities that we search for. Knowing these can help you find out how to filter your options and choose one so that you get the most out of it.


Tumbler cups should be made with a double wall insulation feature to effectively keep a stable temperature for your drinks. Other than that, this insulation should help avoid condensation on the tumbler’s outer wall, eliminating the annoying sweat from the cup that can drip and leave watermarks.


Stainless-steel is the best option for durability. It depends on what you’ll be using the cup for but stainless-steel is very strong in keeping your cup intact, dent-free, and scratch-free.A durable product will allow you to bring it to any type of activity.


The best material in achieving the overall functionality of insulated cups is stainless steel with an 18/8 grade. This number refers to the steel’s quality, durability, and temperature resistance. It also refers to the amount of chromium over nickel. This is the grade most commonly used for cookware and stainless steel tumblers.


You want an insulated cup that’s easy to bring along so size matters. Your cup should fit your car’s cup holder so that you don’t have to hold your drink while driving. It should also fit in your bag if you don’t like to hold it.

Easy Cleaning

Your cup’s material should be easy to clean and prevent molds from forming. This helps to prevent your cup from stinking and retaining the smell of your previous drink. Some cups are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning so that’s also something to look for.

Tight Lid

A cup with a tight sealing lead can help you avoid mess. Other than that, it can help you transport your cups easily without having to think about your drinks spilling. A good quality lid should have rubber seal and shouldn’t leak.


Price is often a deciding factor for products and getting the best shouldn’t mean buying something very expensive. You can get an insulated cup at a very affordable price while enjoying all the wonderful features.


Some products come with warranty and most often, these are from big brands. This is a way for them to stay reputable but it also assures you that your product has the best quality. If not, you can return to them.

Insulated Cup Substitutes


There are other alternatives to insulated cups that are also effective in keeping your drink’s temperature.

Insulated Mug

This is the best choice for people who like to drink hot liquids. What differs this is its design with a mouthpiece that resembles a coffee lid, which is specially designed for hot drinks. This keeps drinks hotter for a longer period of time.

Insulated Bottle

Insulated bottles are also made with double-wall vacuum insulation. The difference is they seal with a cap and not a lid. This acts like a flask for ice cold drinks that avoids leaks and spills more effectively. The best vacuum insulated water bottle keeps your iced drinks cold for 24 hours or more.

Insulated Cup Care Tips

Follow these simple tips to keep your cup clean and useful. Doing these will prolong the lifespan of your insulated cup.

  • Check your cup’s washing instructions on the manual – whether it’s dishwashing safe or not.
  • After each use, wash the cup with warm water and soap. Overtime, residue can build up. Once you see this, follow the initial rinse with a soft sponge and wash off with water.
  • Store your cup in a safe cabinet where it won’t be scratched and dented by other items. Keep it away from hard objects.
  • As much as possible, be careful not to drop your cup. These can cause dents that can lead to breaking the vacuum seal and destroy the insulation.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best insulated cup for cold drinks is important to make your life easier. And “the best” solely depends on which you prefer for your daily routine. We hope our list will help you choose the right insulated cup. Knowing the qualities of the best ones is also a great way to review your options.

In short, out of all the best insulated cups, you should choose the product with the most functionality and affordability. A good quality insulated cup can be useful for many years and can help you become hassle-free. Just keep in mind to determine your needs and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each product for you.

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