The 4 Best Kona Coffee Brands for Coffee Enthusiasts


You may have had your morning coffee fix once this morning and perhaps you are already craving for the second one. Most likely you have already tried just as many. But Kona coffee is what you have never experienced before then I strongly recommend that it is time for a change! I will walk you through the journey of what is Kona coffee and what are the best Kona coffee brands that you can get.

What is Kona Coffee?


As every coffee enthusiast knows that there are more varieties of coffee around the globe than there are days of the year. So what is Kona coffee?

The origin

Kona is a district of Hawaii, and it is where the best Kona coffee brand has grown. Kona coffee is the market name of the coffee.

What makes Kona coffee bean so unique?

Kona coffee beans are rich in flavor and supremely high quality as well as the different growing condition, which exist on the volcanic island – Hualalai and Mauna Loa islands.

The distinct taste profile of Kona coffee including six characteristics are aroma, flavor, acidity, sweetness, body and aftertaste. Kona Coffee beans are ranked according to their grown district areas based on size, moisture weight, and imperfections.

Higher value

Prices of the Kona coffee are usually higher than the other types of coffee due to its intensive labor production expenses. Kona cherries has to be hand-picked at all times. Because they ripen at different times and constant monitoring is required.

Besides that, the plantation of the Kona trees are in the volcanic landscape and by cultivating the cherries mechanically are just impossible. Therefore the prices of the Kona is high.

Type of beans

There are two types of Kona beans; type 1 Kona have two beans per cherry, and type 2 has just one bean per cherry.

Type 1 Kona contains two beans that are flat on each side, and the oval seed is known as a “peaberry”. Out of all the Kona coffee beans, there are only 5% of the Kona beans would grow as peaberries, they are smaller in size and produce robust flavor compared to regular Kona beans.

When is Kona Coffee Cultivated?


The growing seasons for Kona coffee are 365 days a year! The coffee plants will start to bloom and pollinating during the months between February and March. And when the fruits were well developed from April through August, then the fruits will be eventually got harvested from September through January.

Do you know that a Kona coffee tree required three years to reach its maturity?? Each Kona tree could only produce approximately 25 pounds cherries. There are roughly 700 coffee farms in Hawaii today produce the coffee product for the entire world’s supply! Kona is one of their best Hawaiian coffee products!

4 Best Kona Coffee Brands You Should Try Out

We went through hundreds of Kona coffee listing at Amazon to find you the best Kona coffee brands. Here is our top 4 pick based on the most rating as well as highest customer satisfaction from previous buyers.

Farm-fresh Medium Roast Kona Coffee

The Farm-fresh 100% Kona Coffee is famous for its complex fragrant with the lingering chocolaty aroma, hints of almonds and vanilla that hits right into your nose through your veins.

Even remarkable detail about this medium roasted coffee bean is that they do NOT have an oily surface! The efforts of the Blue Horse Company is that they roast the coffee beans only before shipment.

Blue Horse Kona coffee is one of the highest ratings as best Kona coffee brand among others. Do not hesitate to click on to the link above and add that to your shopping cart already!


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


*For more information about NCS (Net Customer Satisfaction) grade, please click here.

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Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine

Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine is sweet and robust and is 100% hand-picked, sun-dried coffee beans and is graded as Extra Fancy. This means that the Kona coffee beans are the largest and heaviest with fewest defects.

It is recommended that the Kona coffee by Imagine is use in drip coffee machine, automatic grind and brew coffee makers, cold brew and French-pressed coffee makers. If you follow the previous blog about the best grind and brew coffee makers, then you might get the idea of which coffee maker is the ideal one for you.

The Kona coffee by Imagine is rated as the Highest among other Kona coffee on famous shopping website - Amazon. The company itself is well known and got rated 95 (by average 50 to 60 coffee farms enter the Kona Classic Cupping Competition at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival each year) by Sherri Johns, President and Managing Director of Whole Cup Coffee Consulting, LLC.


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Gold Kona is another known best Kona coffee brand that is a gourmet blend of Hawaiian Kona, and higher mountain estate grew coffee beans.

The coffee beans by Hawaiian Gold Kona are rich in flavor, dark and very smooth when it all were served in your coffee cup. It will inevitably leave you a memorable aftertaste!


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Victor Allen Kona Blend Single Serve K-cups

Victor Allen’s Kona Blend will give you an impressive depth of flavor that makes you look forward to that very first cup of coffee every morning. This product is single use K-cups which compatible with Keurig brewer; you can leisurely make your Kona coffee without a fuss.


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


There are much more Kona coffee brands out there, but you just have to try it yourself to know what is your favorite.

However, if we were to pick the best Kona coffee, we would go with Imagine Kona coffee bean or Farm-fresh. Not only does both of these brands has the highest ratings but also has the highest net customer satisfaction grade compare to the rest.

Now you have read this article and know which is the best Kona coffee brands. Should you try it out soon-ish? It is entirely up to you now!

A Coffee Enthusiast & Traveller?

If you are like myself who love coffee and a keen traveler, then this is what you should be considering right now – pack your bag and make a trip to HAWAII!!!

ALOHA!!!! Kona Joe is patent proved world’s first coffee plantation located in Hawaii, and they open for visitors for tour purposes. They are famous for their Kona coffee because it is one of the best Kona coffee brands and their Kona Coffee Farm Tour will guide you through the entire process from planting to brewing and serve as a cuppa for you.

If this does interest you, do visit their website here for more information.

I am off to make myself a cuppa of Kona coffee now!

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