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Wondering what the real taste of ALOHA is? Read on to find out the best Hawaiian coffee you should try out!

I have to admit that I am a caffeine addict! Do you know that enjoying coffee is not just the matter of physical and emotional necessity but the TASTE senses play a part, which could lead to relaxation and even leisure experience? Imagine the great coffee aroma has just seeped right through your nose and set in the sense of euphoria, and you are just pretty much surrounded by caffeinated heaven.

Little about Coffee in Hawaii


The only state that can grow coffee plants commercially in the United States of America is Hawaii. Hawaii is located far south which the weather climate is an ideal to grow coffee beans. The coffee industries in Hawaii today are centered in Kona on the island of Hawaii.

Their well-known, celebrated coffee, Kona coffee, now grows in its popularity around the world and commands a premium price. If you follow through to the next article on our blog, you will find out more about Kona coffee.

The majority of the coffee plantations exist on the slopes of the Hualālai and Mauna Loa mountains that are located on the West side of the “Big Island.”

Big Island

The best Hawaiian coffees are from the Kona growing region of the Big Island.

Hualālai is the third largest mountain in Hawaii and is an active volcanic island. It has been dormant since 1801. Being dormant is a good thing for the local because it allows the farmers to cultivate the coffee plants on the Western part of the island.

Similarly, Mauna Loa is the second largest volcano in Hawaii. It has historically known as the world largest volcano mountain on Earth. All of the coffee plantations are located near the coast on the Western side of the mountain.

The Grading of the Hawaiian Coffee


Once the coffee trees are fully matured, red fruits that grow on the tree are known as “cherries” will then ready to be hand-picked. The best Hawaiian coffee beans were graded according to their seed types.

  • Type I: one cherry consists of two beans, flat on one side and oval shape on the other.
  • Type II: one cherry consists of one round bean, also known as “peaberries.”

The further grading of the coffee beans depends on the bean size, moisture content, and purity of the bean. The five main grading of the Kona coffee are:

Type I beans

  • Kona Extra Fancy – the supreme beans with superior flavor, often                                          derived from thelargest beans.
  • Kona Fancy – similar to Kona Extra Fancy, but the beans are slightly                              smaller in size.

Type II beans

  • Kona Number 1 – Medium bean in size with mild nutty flavor
  • Kona Select – Beans are small in size with 5% imperfections
  • Kona Prime – Beans are the smallest with 20% imperfections

Any beans that are lower grade than these five are known as “off grade” coffee.

Kona Blends

Kona is expensive and relatively rare. Hence, most of the Kona coffee brands you get are “Kona Blends.” Usually, these are the blend of 10% Kona coffee beans and 90% of either Colombian or Brazilian coffee beans.

The 4 Best Hawaiian Coffee Brands


The reason why we are only featuring the 4 best Hawaiian Coffee brands to you is that that we only present you with the top most popular ones. We did research over hundreds of best Hawaiian coffee on the website like the Amazon, and these TOP FOUR are the best based on the most star ratings as well as highest Net Customer Satisfaction (NCS) rates!

Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine

Kona Coffee Beans by Imagine is sweet and robust and is 100% hand-picked, sun-dried coffee beans and is graded as Extra Fancy.

It is recommended that the Kona coffee by Imagine is use in drip coffee machine, automatic grind and brew coffee makers, cold brew and French-pressed coffee makers. If you follow the previous blog about grind and brew coffee, then you might get the idea of which coffee maker is the ideal one for you.

The Kona coffee by Imagine is rated as the Highest among other Kona coffee on Amazon. The company itself is well known and got rated 95 (by average 50 to 60 coffee farms enter the Kona Classic Cupping Competition at the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival each year) by Sherri Johns, President and Managing Director of Whole Cup Coffee Consulting, LLC.


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


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Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Coffee Keurig Single-serve K-cup Pods

“The slower the roast, the better the cup” is the slogan of Tully’s coffee with their handcrafted quality.

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend coffee pod is best recommended to those of you who have Keurig coffee machine at home. The Hawaiian Blend gives you the mild sweetness and elegant simplicity. Slow roasting gives flavor to the richest, creates a satisfaction in a cup for you!


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Farm-fresh 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast, Whole Beans

The Farm-fresh 100% Kona Coffee is famous for its complex fragrant with the lingering chocolaty aroma, hints of almonds and vanilla that hits right into your nose through your veins.

Even remarkable detail about this medium roasted coffee bean is that they do NOT have an oily surface! The efforts of the Blue Horse Company is that they roast the coffee beans only before shipment.

Blue Horse Kona coffee is one of the highest ratings as best Hawaiian coffee brand among others. Do not hesitate to click on to the link above and add that to your shopping cart already!


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Gold Kona is another known best Hawaiian coffee brand that is a gourmet blend of Hawaiian Kona, and higher mountain estate grew coffee beans.

The coffee beans by Hawaiian Gold Kona are rich in flavor, dark and very smooth when it all were served in your coffee cup. It will inevitably leave you a lasting aftertaste!


Rating / Grade

Editor Rating

NCS Grade*


Fun Fact

Do you know the Apple CEO Tim Cook has auctioned more than $600,000 on a cuppa? To read more about it, click here.

Kona coffee is KING in Hawaii that grow exclusively on the Big Island. Like mentioned above, if you want to know which one is the best Kona coffee brands, visit the next blog. And we hope that this post has provided you with some useful information on Hawaiian coffee.

And if you are new to Hawaiian coffee, you ought to try the ​Kona coffee by Imagine. I bet you gonna like it.

So, if you have tried any of the Hawaiian coffee before, do let us know which one is your best Hawaiian coffee thus far by commenting it below. Let’s start brewing!

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